why its so HARD !!

Its so hard to say "i love you"
and not draw back in tears.
its so hard to know that your
not there to help me face my fears.
its so hard to know the phones at reach,
but i cannot hear your voice.
its so hard to see you laughing
when I'm crying deep inside.
its so hard to just find feelings
and now have to make them hide.
its so hard to live without you,
when i need you more then words.

i want to scream how much i love you,
but hold back and not be heard.
its so hard to go to sleep at night
when i cannot dream of you.
its so hard to think that you
might fall in love with someone new.
its so hard not to start crying
when i hear your favorite song.
its so hard to sit and wonder,
where did i go wrong?
its so hard to live without you.
if i only would have known,
i will never love another..

i would rather be alone. .